Putin says Russian people will choose his successor via ballot box

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said only the Russian people would choose their successor through the election process.

The think tank, known as the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, is run by retired senior Russian foreign intelligence officials who have been appointed by Putin's office, the report said.

Despite Russia's evident activity close to the North Korean border, Putin has warned the US from attacking the state in the same manner that they attacked Syria and Afghanistan in the past few weeks.

He promised to look into the situation, saying that the deputy head of Russia's Presidential Administration, Sergey Kirienko, will be tasked with resolving the dispute.

The elite grenade-wielding troops that would defend North Korea in war with US
The soldiers would defend North Korea in a war with the US

The report said the think tank produced two documents. The other document, which was prepared last October, warned that Hillary Clinton was expected to win and that Russian Federation should end the propaganda effort and instead focus on promoting the idea of USA voter fraud to undermine faith in the election system.

That campaign began after Putin asked the institute to draw up a plan for interfering with the US presidential race, said one of the sources, a former senior USA intelligence official. The second document, which was written in October, is said to conclude that Hillary Clinton would probably win the election, so Russian Federation should start pushing voter fraud claims to undermine her presidency.

Last Sunday, North Korea celebrated the birthday of its founding communist dictator and "eternal leader" Kim Il-sung with a large military parade, and this week threatened "all-out war" if the USA interferes with its nuclear program.

The FBI became aware of Page when a Russian spy tried to recruit him in 2013, but it's unclear what about his 2016 trip raised concerns. The unverified dossier compiled by a former British intelligence agent alleges that Page met with Igor Sechin, Putin confidant and CEO of the Russian state oil company Rosneft, during the Moscow trip.

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