Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin marks Apollo 11 anniversary at launch site

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"Sustained exploration that extends from our Earth to the Moon and on to the Martian surface will usher in a new era of American ingenuity", Trump said in a message on Saturday, which he declared Space Exploration Day. Collins orbited the moon alone in Columbia, as Armstrong and Aldrin descended to the gray, desolate surface.

American plans to send out astronauts to the Moon in 2024 and also "leave them there" for some time, claimed the nation's vice president, Mike Pence, within an interview with the CBS tv network.

The USS Hornet Museum will give a special welcome Sunday to the various Hornet crew members who served on board during her years of service, including those who served aboard during the Apollo 11 and 12 recovery missions.

Mr Aldrin was later given a standing ovation during a speech by Mr Pence.

It is a crucial time for NASA since it is now being challenged by China, which is already building a very strong space presence to bring humans to the Moon.

That's not all they got to do, space cadets even had a chance to send their name to mars on the next mars rover.

NASA now has 38 astronauts, 12 of whom are women.

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Armstrong died in 2012, leaving Aldrin, 89, and command module pilot Michael Collins, 88, to mark the golden anniversary. The Apollo 11 mission to the moon and back had a duration of eight days.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday indicated he was not interested in a mission going back to the moon, despite his administration's plans for it. Trump instead repeated his interest in a NASA mission that would take astronauts directly to Mars, a vastly more challenging and costly endeavor.

Throughout the hour and a half long talk, space enthusiasts got to learn about what it is like for astronauts while in space.

"Good grief! It's still wonderful, the No. 1 feat of the 20th century, if not all of modern history, that first time there", said Turner, 57, a computer programmer from Poulsbo, Washington. The NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been circling the Moon for the past 10 years.

The space agency recently announced it would allow "private astronauts" to pay to visit the International Space Station.

Blasting off aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket in 100-degree heat (38 degrees Celsius), American Andrew Morgan, Italian Luca Parmitano and Russian Alexander Skvortsov flew to the International Space Station. All three were born in 1930. Morgan explained in a NASA interview that Apollo 11, and now his flight, represents "an accomplishment of the world and not one single country". "But I don't have to agree with that", Collins told The Associated Press. The AP is exclusively responsible for all content.