‘No evidence of hacking’ in ambassador’s Trump leak row - United Kingdom foreign minister

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Britain's ambassador to Washington resigned on Wednesday after Donald Trump labeled him "stupid" and "wacky" following the release of confidential memos from the envoy in which he branded the United States president's administration inept.

Hours after Trump's tweet May's spokesman reiterated Britain's position that the leak was unfortunate and said Darroch "continues to have the prime minister's full support".

British premier Theresa May has told the House of Common it is a matter of deep regret that Sir Kim Darrock has felt it necessary to step down.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is in the running to replace May, replied: "Allies need to treat each other with respect". "Good government depends on public servants being able to give full and frank advice", she said, emphasizing "the importance of defending our values".

Sir Kim had angered US President Donald Trump when descriptions of him as "incompetent", "inept", and "insecure" in diplomatic dispatches that were leaked to the press.

He also said he would no longer work with Kim Darroch.

Speaking on Newsnight on Tuesday night, Mr Raab criticised Sir Kim's remarks about the Trump administration, and said that when he read and drafted diplomatic cables he would "try to avoid personalised stuff". 'Although myposting is not due to end until the end of this year, I believe in the currentcircumstances the responsible course is to allow the appointment of a newambassador, he wrote, noting the situation 'has brought home to me the depthof friendship and close ties between our two countries.

"The fact that Sir Kim has been bullied out of his job, because of Donald Trump's tantrums and Boris Johnson's pathetic lick-spittle response, is something that shames our country", she said.

"I should have used the coded sarcastic language we British are known for and called him an extremely clever and gifted leader".

Speaking after Darroch's resignation, Johnson said he hoped whoever had leaked the cables "is run down, caught and eviscerated".

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"We in the UK do not agree with the position of the United States on global warming".

However it is clear the US President got his way and if you ever muddy Trump's path you will pay.

"I want to put an end to that speculation", he added.

As Brexit looms, Britain is also hoping for a free trade deal with the U.S. to mitigate the impact of leaving the European Union.

Darroch, by contrast, served as the U.K.'s representative to the European Union from 2004 and 2007 and is widely seen as a europhile.

Mr Johnson also expressed his regret, paying tribute to Sir Kim as a "superb diplomat" who he had worked with for many years.

Like his predecessors, Darroch was a prominent figure in Washington, meeting frequently with high-level USA officials and hosting parties at the stately British Embassy.

The British ambassador was literally doing his job by informing his colleagues on the state of USA politics, and diplomats have pointed out that this kind of talk happens on both sides.

It underscored that the close relationship between the two countries has become increasingly lopsided - a severe problem as the United Kingdom prepares to set a new path with its departure from the European Union. During his own race in 2016, he referred to himself as "Mr. Brexit," and even suggested that Nigel Farage, a key architect of the Brexit victory, would make a fine ambassador to Washington.