National Basketball Association approves use of in-game challenge flags for 2019-20 season

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In his annual press conference at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Commissioner Adam Silver said Tuesday that the league must address both the practice of public trade demands and the rules regulating free agency.

"First of all, you know of course that's nothing new in the league in terms of trade demands", Silver said. George also requested a trade through his agent, Aaron Mintz, out of IN in 2017, which led to the Thunder eventually trading Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo to the Pacers.

Both deals were reportedly made under trade demands from the players involved and had dramatic implications for the teams that parted with superstars.

The coach's challenge, which has been used in the NBA's G League for each of the past two seasons and has been in place for this year's version of the summer league, will be used next season by the National Basketball Association on a one-year trial basis. Players have leverage. They have economic power of their own. The players care about their reputations just as much. The replay center will be able to do this to check 2- or 3-point field goals and determine whether a shot was made before or after the shot clock expired, according to Wojnarowski. They'll "twirl his/her index finger toward the referees" to signal for the challenge.

They may challenge a personal foul charged to their team, a called out-of-bounds violation, a goaltending violation or a basket-interference violation.

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If the challenge is successful, meaning the play is changed, the team that called the challenge will still lose that challenge "flag", unlike the NFL.

Even the actual, nitty-gritty game-related news Tuesday - added opportunities for replay reviews - could be said to derive from the priority on fairness.

Television ratings in the playoffs, down compared to numbers reported in recent years, were not troubling to Silver. "We have other measurements of social media, fan support [and] attendance that demonstrate that, in fact, interest is growing. So I think at the end of the day, it's positive for the league".

A generational shift away from traditional TV viewing, including "cord-cutting", streaming and even pirating might be at work on National Basketball Association ratings. "In fact, at our board meeting we discussed the growth in popularity of the sport, the growth in participation, the fact that we have a young, diverse, global audience".