UT tennis coach arrested, charged in massive college cheating scandal

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Authorities said the crimes date back to 2011, and the defendants used "bribery and other forms of fraud to facilitate their children's admission" to numerous college and universities, including Georgetown, Yale, Stanford, the University of Texas, the University of Southern California, and the University of California Los Angeles, among others.

Loughlin, star of "Full House" and "Fuller House", also is facing the same felony charge - conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

In some cases, college entrance exam administrators were paid off to allow a Florida man take the tests for the children of Singer's clients. Payments averaged between $200,000 to $400,000, though in one instance, a parent paid Singer $6.5 million to facilitate their child's admission into college.

Loughlin and Huffman are among at least 40 people indicted in a sweeping college admissions bribery scandal.

According to ABC, the scam "centered around a man in California who ran a business helping students get into the college of their choice".

Huffman is perhaps best known for her role as Lynette Scavo on the ABC dramedy Desperate Housewives, for which she won an Emmy Award for Best Actress.

Former Desperate Housewives and American Crime Story star Felicity Huffman is among at least 40 people charged in a United States college cheating scam.

In Huffman's case, she and Macy allegedly made a "purported charitable contribution" of $15,000 to get one of their daughters into school.

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Singer was charged with running the largest college admissions fraud scam in USA history through his small college preparation company in Newport Beach, California.

To make the admission look legit, prosecutors allege fake athletic profiles were also created to make the applicants look like strong athletes when they were not.

Athletic coaches from Yale, Stanford, USC, Wake Forest and Georgetown, among others, are implicated as well as parents and exam administrators, federal prosecutors said.

The indictment said Meredith conspired with California businessman William Rick Singer, the owner of a for-profit college entrance company.

Court papers say a cooperating witness met with Huffman and her husband at their Los Angeles home and explained the scam to them.

Singer is expected to cop to racketeering charges Tuesday afternoon in Boston federal court as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

The indicted also included "nine coaches at elite schools" who "pretend (ed) that certain applicants were recruited, competitive athletes, when in fact, the applicants were not", Lelling said.