UFC 229: Ferguson and Pettis Must Stay Focused on Saturday Night

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The former Lightweight Interim champion Tony Ferguson fights the former Lightweight champ, Anthony Pettis.

In case you didn't know.

. What a fight. Good elbow Ferguson.

The fight was a remarkable display of striking from both men. Overhand right from Pettis connects twice. He had won eight of his 14 fights in the UFC going into the fight against Ferguson. If he is able to get in-and-out effectively then it will force Ferguson to take more chances to close the distance and open himself up for Pettis' attacks.

Ferguson was also coming back from a devastating injury and a surgery he had only six months ago. Ferguson has leg issues. Should he take the fight to the mat, he should look to use ground and pound to keep Pettis from setting up submissions from the bottom rather than trying to out-grapple 'Showtime'.

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Nurmagomedov is entitled to a portion of revenue from pay-per-view sales as well, though his share of the proceeds is unclear. After the fracas, two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier helped calm his friend and stablemate. "We'll see.

Pettis's corner called a halt to the action after two rounds due to a broken hand. Pettis followed up with another massive right hand that bloodied Ferguson and had him in serious trouble. He's asking him if he can continue. The two traded heavy blows, putting on what could possibly be the fight of the night. Anthony Pettis is bleeding, but the fight will be continued! His output rate is far higher here, but Pettis is still unsafe when he fires back. "They did not hold Conor's purse, but they're holding Khabib's".

For the moment, his outpouring of emotion was touching, to say the least.

Tony Ferguson is back and based on his performance at UFC 229, it's like he never skipped a beat.

"He has put himself into a position now where he can call out the victor of the main event". Nurmagomedov (26-0) is a peerless wrestler and grappler, while McGregor is among the most effective strikers in MMA history. My other hobbies? Curling up with a nice book when I am not too busy writing.