E3 2018: Meet Elsa in New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

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This is the latest entry in this long-running series which has been mostly exclusive to Nintendo and PlayStation systems up until now. Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2006. Further gameplay details remain scarce roughly six months out from the game's official release, but stay tuned to Engadget for more information as soon as it becomes available.

It seemed like a lock that Square Enix would be announcing Kingdom Hearts 3's release date at its E3 press conference. While it's coming to PS4 as well as Xbox One, it's nice to see the game on Microsoft's stage.

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After multiple delays to the Final Fantasy-Disney crossover game, director Tetsuya Nomura announced during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour that the game will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29, 2019. Check out Sora's new Keyblade's transformations as he battles against the Heartless! The trailer also showed off previously announced worlds based on Toy Story and Tangled.

It's also the great news.