Powers United VR will put you right in the Marvel universe

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More than a dozen characters are expected to be playable, so we can expect many more to come soon, though these four are the only ones that the game's site has listed at this time.

In the wake of a handful of video game and movie reveals at Disney's D23 Expo, Marvel Entertainment, Oculus Studios, and Sanzaru Games have announced Marvel Powers United VR, a brand new VR game which is in development exclusively for the Oculus Rift. Some of the confirmed controllable character so far include Rocket Racoon, Mrs. Marvel, The Hulk, and Conan the Accuser, each featuring their own unique gameplay style. You can play as various Marvel characters, from the Incredible Hulk to Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. They mention over on the official website that there will be "smart" "locomotion" implemented into the game, so you won't just teleport around. Suit up, power up, and team up with friends to engage in immersive, explosive co-op fights from across the Marvel Universe. Powers United VR is slated for release in 2018.

Each time you play, you won't know which faction or boss you'll encounter-every experience will play a little differently. Transform into your favorite Marvel Super Hero and wield their awesome powers and weaponry in your hands.

Rocket Raccoon as he appears in Marvel Powers United VR in his Annihilation costume
Rocket Raccoon donning his ‘Annihilation Costume

Heroes earn many rewards-prove yourself on the battlefield and unlock new content, surprises, and more!

Taking advantage of the Oculus Rift's new Touch controllers, players will be able to move their hands and body in real-time to unleash attacks.

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