Liberal candidate for Waterloo accepts Trudeau's apology, calling it 'genuine'

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The Liberal party confirmed to Global News that this is the photo referred to by Trudeau on Wednesday night.

"If it happened last week, it would shock me to the core", he said.

"They're being quite intentional about making this announcement in Toronto, where violence is on the rise and where there is a huge number of racialised Canadians", said Kate Harrison, vice president of Summa Strategies. "It was not something that represents the person I've become, the leader I try to be and it was really embarrassing".

Trudeau suggested repeatedly that his life of privilege was the cause of his personal and repeated gross insensitivity, adding: "I'm not that person anymore". Why did we think it was OK? "So we're going to do more and we're going to do better". It was a awful idea. "It's hurtful to non-white communities and I think many racialized communities have spoken out and said how surprised and hurt they were". But I recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do.

"I'm asking Canadians to forgive me for what I did", he said Wednesday night during an emergency news conference aboard the Liberal campaign plane before taking off from Halifax for Winnipeg, where he was scheduled to have events Thursday. "We left it in their hands". The impacts that this has on Canada and on the lives of Canadians can't be underestimated. "So what's the point of apologizing if you're not actually, in some tangible way, undoing the hurt you've caused or setting a standard and an example that this is not acceptable in Canadian society?"

"I'm wary of being definitive about this because there are recent pictures that came out I had not remembered".

What's left is to plead for re-election of a Liberal government on the merits of past performance - much of which, thankfully, has not reflected Mr. Trudeau's personal failings - and the substance of its campaign platform.

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As discussions and debates take place online and face-to-face across the country, Ramadan hopes he's not the only one scrutinizing the timing of the controversy.

"I'm disappointed in myself, I'm pissed off at myself for having done it". I'm sick about it. "It does harm. It's racist". "And I believe in what we are doing".

"We're going down a bad road here and after this campaign we're probably going to see a lot of postmortems about how did we get here", said Rick Anderson, a long-time political strategist in Ottawa.

In a tweet that has now been liked more than 1,100 times, Bowinn Ma wrote, "I feel like the #BrownFaceTrudeau incident has taught me more about Jagmeet Singh than Justin Trudeau. And in the case of party leaders, I think other representatives of that party should hold their leader to account".

Following the release of additional images and a video of Trudeau in brownface and blackface, Scheer said this shows a habit of Trudeau's and Canadians maybe would have been able to accept his apology if he hadn't lied about it, saying that there were only two incidents but now there are at least three.

His tendency to appropriate dress and customs from other cultures has prompted gentle mockery from rival politicians and the media: on a trip to India previous year, he was photographed in a kurta on numerous occasions.