Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel in Development for Nintendo Switch

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Today during their annual Treehouse live post-Direct E3 stream, Nintendo gave us some more details for Link's Awakening on Switch. It's not often we get direct sequels in the Zelda franchise, so Breath of the Wild is certainly a whole new beast entirely.

Still, it's not a surprise that Breath of the Wild has been selected for the sequel route. The first one is The Hero from Dragon Quest.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

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However, it also said its highly anticipated Animal Crossing game had been delayed until March 2020.

The Legend of Zelda series started in 1986. And finally, the teaser for the sequel to Breath of the Wild appeared to show Zelda and Link adventuring together on the day that Hyrule died. Link's Awakening, one of the strangest and sweetest Zelda games, originally released on the Game Boy in 1993, has been reimagined in adorable toylike miniature, and will be out on 20 September. There's no name or timeframe for the game's development or release, but it's in the works! The show wasn't exactly tiresome before that point - we got more information on several upcoming titles, such as Pokemon Sword & Shield, Animal Crossing New Horizons, and Luigi's Mansion 3.