Fortnite Chapter 2: How to upgrade weapons & Upgrade Bench locations

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Epic Games concluded its "Fortnite" Battle Royale Season 10 with a bang as the whole map is absorbed by a huge black hole.

Searching the #FirstDrop hashtag on Twitter, which is where everyone is posting about their first experiences in the rebooted Fortnite on the brand new map, rather a lot of players seem to have been getting Victory Royale wins straight out of the gate - an improbable amount, in fact. Check it out below and read on for more details.

Chapter 2 has arrived, bringing a host of new features, cosmetics, and changes with it.

There are also new mechanics at play as well, as those who loved to hide in bushes can do so in haystacks and dumpsters now, although there's a risk since you make noise entering these objects.

After the black hole sucked in the entirity of Fortnite, players were stunned of what happened to the world's most popular game. The boat is designed around squad gameplay, and not only that, it's designed around helping squads be the last survivors in a match.

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Leaks of images and a trailer for a "Fortnite Chapter 2" sprouted all over the internet.

It was reported that "Fortnite: Chapter 2" is now downloadable but in China only as of this time.

At one point it would have been interesting to see if its many imitators would follow suit, though given most have now been left floundering in Fortnite's wake, there's not really much to watch out for. Now there are 250 levels to grind through, and rewards for each of them as well.

Though the bots are created to act like real players, they're not quite as capable, meaning you can easily tell the difference between human and machine...most of the time. I guess we will find out what is next soon. The concept of earning seasonal XP and unlocking a range of items over the course of the season has now become widespread. The next chapter for the battle royale Fortnite is now available to download for PC, consoles, and mobile - ending the stressful two days of waiting and staring into the abyss of a black hole for the millions of Fortnite players worldwide.