Maduro will step down soon enough, former Venezuela opposition leader says

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At the end of January, the Trump administration announced new sanctions against the Maduro government and his allies.

No details have been released on exactly how the opposition plans to get the shipments into Venezuela.

Luis Escobar, a Venezuelan who now lives in Colombia after fleeing his crisis-ridden nation, said his wife has advanced breast cancer and urged Maduro to accept the aid.

"We are imposing visa restrictions and revoking the visas of members of the illegitimate constituent assembly", he said.

He insisted that Venezuela is not facing a crisis, though during the news conference, the power went out twice.

Guaido has said a change in government in Venezuela would favour its two main foreign creditors Russian Federation and China, and that he has sent communications to both countries, which have close relations with Maduro's government. On Friday, national security adviser John Bolton reaffirmed in a tweet that "all options are on the table".

Maduro says allowing foreign aid supplies would open the way for USA military intervention to oust him.

The US military is prepared to "protect" US personnel and diplomatic facilities in Venezuela if needed, the admiral in charge of American forces in South America says.

In an interview with AFP, Guaido discusses the entry of foreign aid, contact with the military and whether he would be willing to allow the highly-controversial step of foreign military intervention.

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"Do not stop it", he said, appealing to members of the country's armed forces while speaking at a meeting with farmers in Caracas. But he also emphasized in State of the Union address Tuesday's to Congress the need to draw down on costly military engagements around the world. This is a time when compassion should be expressed for the long-suffering people of Venezuela by promoting, not curtailing, access to food and medicine. Here is help for children.

"It depends on what they're offering", Farnsworth said.

It's unclear what will break the standoff playing out at the Venezuela-Colombia border.

The contact group issued a statement on Thursday, saying it would send a technical mission to Venezuela to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid and would support a national vote.

Tens of thousands of starving Venezuelans cross the border every day in search of the supplies the U.S. propagandists put on display for the well-prepared media circus.

However, he emphasised that there was no turning back from regime change in Venezuela. He also said that if they really want to help, the economic sanctions with which they suffocate the Bolivarian Government in its efforts to stabilize the social rights of the population must cease. "This is an irreversible process".

The arrival of the aid convoy, which includes supplies provided by the United States, has increased the pressure on Maduro after Washington as well as nations from across Latin America and Europe recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the rightful interim ruler of Venezuela.

"There's an attempt to violate our national sovereignty with this "show" of a humanitarian operation by the government of Donald Trump", he said.