Trump Vows to Build Border Wall That Democrats Oppose

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The thing that jumped out at me more than anything else was, as I said, the paucity of comments that in any way could be considered an actual response to the President's remarks.

Instead, the address was met with the usual blend of disdain, sarcasm, and outright anger that most of Trump's speeches and decisions provoke on the internet. And several senators running for president were also in the audience, including Sens.

The president opened his speech Tuesday by describing what he called "an economic miracle", with rising wages, more jobs and tax cuts for working families.

He also will make another pitch for his proposed southern border wall.

A year ago, Trump made a similar plea for bread-breaking with Democrats, only to have the year swallowed up by scorched-earth congressional elections, a divisive fight over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and finally the 35-day government shutdown.

A newfound spirit of cooperation, however, seemed elusive as the president and Democrats spent the hours before the address exchanging political fire, making clear that ritualistic calls for across-the-aisle cooperation were unlikely to transform an environment that has turned increasingly toxic.

The diverse Democratic caucus, which includes a bevy of women, sat silently for much of Trump's speech. "Both sides must come together and do exactly what he says, that I told him to say".

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Still, social media was left scratching their heads by Tiffany's bold sartorial choice, with some wondering if she was subtly throwing shade at her father or accidentally suffered a fashion faux pas.

It's safe to bet that Democrats seated opposite her place behind Trump will be looking to her for cues for their reactions, as well.

And, while I agree that we need to lower prescription drug prices and health care costs in this country, it's hard to take the President seriously on this issue after he has repeatedly tried to rip health protections away from millions of Americans. The President discussed some initiatives that have broad, bipartisan support and should be our focus over the coming year.

She has shown no sign of budging from her opposition to Trump's wall-funding demand. "He's going to lay out the case". New Mexicans look at the dysfunction and the backwards agenda of the Trump administration, and they see a government that just isn't answering to the American people. The counter-puncher in chief charged Schumer with being "upset that he didn't win the Senate, after spending a fortune, like he thought he would". Pelosi packed the gallery with some of Trump's sharpest critics, including Dr Leana Wen, the head of Planned Parenthood; chef Jose Andres, who has become a vocal critic of the administration's immigration policies; and five labor leaders.

New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady was also called out for his mediocre performance, with Pelosi and her seemingly sarcastic applause being photoshopped into the background of a snap of him during the game.

"I welcome the President's appeal for greater unity in this evening's address".