Twitter Gives Rudy Giuliani Hell For His Imagined Talk To St. Peter

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was all over TV this weekend, making the case that his client, President Donald Trump, is the victim of out-of-control prosecutors and a crazed and biased media.

"You just can't go with a charge of this magnitude - accusing the president of the United States of suborning perjury, of telling his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie Congress - without some email or text message or document, and not just a couple of anonymous sources", Kurtz said.

The Moscow deal ultimately did not materialize, but Giuliani's remarks suggest that Trump's discussions about the project with Cohen may have dragged on until the election, raising new questions for congressional investigators looking into possible ties between the president and Russian Federation.

Late Monday, The New Yorker's Isaac Chotiner called Giuliani to discuss his shifting story.

- September and October 2017: Cohen says in prepared remarks to the Senate intelligence committee that the Moscow deal ended "before the Iowa caucus and months before the first primary". But the President's recollection of it is that the - the thing had petered out quite a bit.

- January 17, 2019: BuzzFeed News, citing two unnamed law enforcement officials, reports that Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow proposal.

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Mnuchin and Pompeo had planned to speak jointly to the opening session of the forum on January 22. The two were expected to discuss progress on national security and defense cost-sharing.

"That is news to me. And that is big news".

He said: 'If you look at any economic metric today, Laura, we are substantially better off than we were two short years ago before he took office because he's doing a great job. "Importantly, the reporter made no reference to the special counsel's office specifically or evidence that Mueller's investigators had uncovered", the Post reported.

Throughout its coverage of the "bombshell" news, MSNBC repeatedly recommended that impeachment for the president was in order - until a firm denial from special counsel Robert Meuller's team shut down the story. He had previously denied any collusion.

- November 29, 2018: Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress. Instead, Cohen said they actually continued until that June, after Trump had clinched the Republican nomination.

- December 12, 2018: Cohen is sentenced to three years in prison. Since much of this planning, by Giuliani's own admission, overlapped with Trump's 2016 campaign for president, it provides a potential motive for why the Trump team might not have objected to Russian Federation interfering in the election.

"Our answers cover until the election".