Game Of Thrones Is Too Far Gone To Save

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Cersei Lannister and brother/lover Jamie Lannister had a fairytale execution at the end of Episode 5 of Game of Thrones on Sunday.

GoT mum Channy, whose daughter Khgaleesi is 11 months old, told Buzzfeed the episode "intense" but not upsetting, adding: 'She's going for what she wants'.

During "The Bells", which is the fifth episode of the final season, Daenerys and her dragon Drogon burned down King's Landing, killing lots of major characters and tons of innocent civilians. Some say it completely sucked, other fans completely loved it.

Surprisingly, Headey's evil Queen Cersei was hardly featured in Season 8 before her demise in Episode 5, but that didn't affect her pay at all.

She said: "I wanted her to have some big piece or fight with somebody".

Still, the episode might have included one more error, with one Twitter user questioning whether a pair of Nikes made their way onto the battlefield.

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Headey also posted a sweet photo of her and costar Nathalie Emmanuel, who played Missandei, as a tribute to their final moments together. She's very much alone and that's a unsafe thing for someone who's got so much power.

"I think the biggest surprise is he came back for her. Cersei realises just how she loves him and just how much he loves her". Ultimately they belong together. It's a terrifying, merciless turn for an empowering character that's become a fan-favorite over the course of the show.

While the idea of a TV show having "patch notes" is rather amusing, Game of Thrones is quite legitimately to the world of video games.

Lena Headey previously told EW she didn't agree with the decision in the Season 8 premiere for Cersei to have sex with Euron.

But, a series of setbacks in recent episodes has seen Dany transform from benevolent leader into a mass-murdering, city-razing mad queen.

HBO's Game of Thrones is nearly over, and so far, the final season of the long-running show has been divisive. But she killed Margaery herself at the Great Sept of Baelor - an act that led to Tommen taking his own life, by the way - so we know she wasn't "another".