Children’s Cartoon ‘Arthur’ Features Gay Wedding in Season Premiere

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The show had previously made no mention of Ratburn's sexuality, but it did thoroughly document the teacher's love of cake, so it only makes sense that he married Elwood City's local chocolatier.

In the episode, "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone", Arthur and his classmates are surprised to learn their teacher, Mr. Ratburn, is engaged to be married because they can not accept that teachers have personal lives.

Believing that he is marrying a blunt woman named Patty (voiced by Jane Lynch), whom he is spotted eating lunch with, the kids decide to intervene in the wedding, believing he'll be miserable.

PBS has just confirmed what those with heightened gaydar have suspected for years - Mr. Ratburn, Arthur's no-nonsense-with-a-heart-of-gold teacher, is gay. They decide that marrying her will make Mr. Ratburn miserable, which will then make his students miserable, so they set off to nip the nuptials in the bud. Several people reacted to the news on social media, with "Arthur" trending on Twitter.

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"And we say hey, congratulations Mr. Ratburn!".

On Monday, the series premiere titled Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone featured Mr. Ratburn getting married to another man - and Twitter was loving the plot decision. I have to applaud the writers for doing this.

A spokesperson for PBS told Entertainment Tonight: "PBS KIDS programs are created to reflect the diversity of communities across the nation".

Animation plays a big part in both children's and adults' lives these days - just look at the popularity of online games, TV series such as Paddington, and recent box office hits such as Detective Pikachu.