Multiple UA teams ideal, basketball score falls in latest April

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The multi-year April for OR women's basketball decreased from 986 to 981 and its single-year score fell from a ideal 983 in 2016-17 to 964 in 2017-18.

"I would like to congratulate the men's basketball, golf, rifle and tennis programs by posting a four-year April score of 1,000", WVU director of athletics Shane Lyons said. Men's basketball had its highest single-season April in the last five years with a 981 in 2017-18. April is comprised of retention, eligibility and graduation.

The APR is the NCAA's annual academic-achievement scorecard that measures the eligibility and retention of scholarship student-athletes each semester or quarter. The results of the fall and spring semesters, in a given year, are calculated as that year's April score and averaged with the respective scores from the previous three years to provide a four-year (multi-year) snapshot of academic achievement.

April is an NCAA metric that measure a team's academic performance, taking into account eligibility, retention and graduation rates.

"The success we've achieved academically isn't down to just one individual or group of individuals", APSU Director of Athletics Gerald Harrison said.

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The Committee on Academics is now considering which athletes are included in the April, how transfers should count before and after graduation, how the rate is calculated and how penalties are assessed - another point of contention for critics who have long said April scores do not provide a true measure of academic success.

The Michigan State football team posted an April score of 948. Delaware State football and men's basketball received Level One penalties, meaning reduced practice times.

The figures also show low-resource institutions and historically black colleges and universities are doing well. The HBCUs' single-year number dropped one point, to 960, but remain up from 918 in 2010-11. "I'm very proud of the effort our student-athletes have put forth in the classroom as well as the great work being done by our staff at the Thornton Center".

Last week, the NCAA recognized more than 1,300 teams for posting scores that were in the top 10 percent of their sport. That's a four-point dip from previous year and ranks the team last in the Big Ten. That list included reigning national football champion Clemson and last year's two national basketball champions - the Villanova men and Notre Dame women.