Spotify is going after couples with affordable Premium Duo plan

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It makes Spotify the only music streaming service to offer a couple's plan - but it does come with some caveats.

Spotify has started testing a new Premium Duo plan for two.

Premium Duo costs $14 per month in return for two Premium accounts.

The discount itself isn't a whole lot, especially when you consider that €12.49 is about $20 - or roughly the same amount as the Family subscription plan - and an individual Premium account is $15. The accounts are treated separately, allowing you both to listen to the music you prefer. $14) a month. It's ideal for couples and roommates, who would normally have to pay $19.98 a month for two accounts. This represents a saving of 2.5 euros (~$2.80) every month over the regular family plan and a much more substantial 7.5 euros (~$8.40) saving over two individual subscriptions. But there is a catch.

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One of the new features Spotify is testing out with Premium Duo is a shared, AI-generated playlist called Duo Mix.

Obviously, Duo will be ideal for couples but it's also good for housemates, best pals and so on, as long as you're at the same address.

This prevents friends who don't live under the same roof from sharing Duo or Family plans and splitting the costs. Both subscribers will also get to manage their home settings and the account details from a single page called Duo Hub, Spotify said. It works similar to the current Discover Weekly or Daily Mix playlists, constantly updating with new music that it thinks both people will enjoy based on their listening habits. The new Duo plan would join Spotify's existing Family and Student plans if expanded worldwide.