The surprising royal who came to the defence of Meghan Markle

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The 57-year-old actor - who was among the guests when the former actress, who was then known as Meghan Markle, married Prince Harry last May - has warned history could "repeat itself" if the ex-'Suits' star continues to be "pursued and vilified" in the same way the prince's late mother, Princess Diana, was until her death in a Paris vehicle crash in 1997. (AAP) Harry and Meghan are expecting their first baby this year.

Fair to say the British press's absolute obsession with covering every speck of dirt Meghan Markle treads on is approaching levels of pure insanity, and the tide against the tabloids is slowly starting to turn.

And Clooney, 57, leaped to defend his friend, saying history was repeating itself in the case of the Duchess and Diana, warning "we've seen how that ends".

Despite previous reports of his close relationship with the Royal couple, Clooney went on to dismiss suggestions he could be godfather to their unborn child.

Ahead of his daughter's wedding, Thomas made headlines for staging paparazzi photos, and he has continued to speak to the press in the months since his daughter became the Duchess of Sussex, claiming that she never reached out to him, among other things. The former actress pulled her hair back in a classy low bun.

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Meghan Markle tells her father he has "broken her heart".

They also expressed their concerns for Meghan and her unborn baby.

"They're just chasing Meghan Markle everywhere, she's been pursued and vilified", Clooney told Australian magazine WHO.

You watched me silently suffer at the hand of her vicious lies, I crumbled inside.

Clooney is referencing is the heartbreaking letter Markle allegedly wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, that he recently shared with the Daily Mail. E!

Last week one paper published a highly personal letter they said was written by Markle to her estranged father in which she begged him to "stop lying.stop exploiting my relationship with my husband".