Here’s the weather forecast during Sunday’s ‘super moon’ lunar eclipse over Carolinas

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The total lunar eclipse will last about five hours and in five phases.

The information was contained in a statement issued to NAN by Dr Felix Alle, the Head, Media and Public Communications of the agency in Abuja.

The fact that it will be a super moon is because the moon's perigree, or closest approach, technically occurs at 2:59 p.m. Monday, when it's only 222,042 miles away.

The peak of the eclipse will occur at approximately 5:43am GMT for viewers in the UK.

As for full-moon supermoons, this will be the first of three this year. The centre will be live-streaming the lunar eclipse on a big screen so even if it's rainy or cloudy you can still bear witness to the celestial wonder. Total lunar eclipses only happen when Earth's shadow entirely engulfs the moon's face, and are relatively rare compared with their partial and penumbral counterparts-after this weekend the next one will not occur until May 26, 2021.

"The planet Mercury is going to be transiting in front of the sun, which means it will pass in front of the sun and create a little black dot as it passes across", he said.

According to the Weather Network, the full moon will be 357,728 kilometres from Earth around midnight on Sunday, so it won't just be red, but it will also appear larger in the sky. Super moons can appear as much as 14 percent larger in diameter and up to 30 percent brighter. Instead of reflecting sunlight as the Moon would have done at any other point, the Earth casts a shadow on the satellite.

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Hence, the Super Blood Wolf Moon. (Not that it isn't super already - we love our only natural satellite.) This recently popular but decades-old term is used to describe a full or new moon that is closest to Earth in its orbit, which is the shape of an ellipse, just like Earth's orbit is an ellipse around the sun.

The "wolf" part is said to originate from a Native American tradition of referring to January's full moon as the Full Wolf Moon.

This Monday, January 21, marks the last lunar eclipse of the decade and the only Super Wolf Blood Moon of the period. The shadow show will end at 1:51 a.m.

So far, it looks like the weather New England will be experiencing will impact visibility of the eclipse in the region. According to, the moon's orbit will take it between 221,681 miles and 252,622 miles this year. As it takes over, the moon will go dark, though the edges will be fuzzy.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon will be visible in the early hours of Monday morning.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Mike Doll, clouds are expected "over much of the western USA, but there could be enough breaks in the clouds for people to see the eclipse". Many Christians believe scripture indicates a Blood Moon is a sign from God regarding the return of Christ.

What is the total lunar eclipse?