Collusion is not a crime

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But here's the problem for Giuliani: Special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible "collusion" by members of the Trump campaign with Russians during the 2016 presidential election, has a number of possible criminal statutes that he could cite to charge such collusive conduct or a cover-up thereof, none of which rely on the word "collusion".

President Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said Monday that he does not know whether Trump would ever pardon Michael Cohen, the President's embattled ex-lawyer now under criminal investigation.

Prosecutors could try to pursue other charges if they uncover what they consider criminal behavior in the Russian Federation probe. In addition to the crime of accepting the contribution, they could also be charged with conspiracy to violate election laws, or with aiding and abetting another person's crime.

The former NY mayor said if Trump is interviewed by Mueller's legal team, "Our real concern is they're going to set up a perjury trap", attempting to catch Trump, who often misstates facts, in a lie, which is a criminal offense.

"I don't even know if that's a crime, colluding about Russians", Mr. Giuliani said.

"You've forfeited your law license, as far as I'm concerned", Giuliani said. The hacking is the crime, ' he concluded. Well, the President didn't hack! I know most people say they hate Mondays, but, trust me, yours probably wasn't as terrible as Rudy Giuliani's.

Today, Giuliani appeared on Fox & Friends and CNN's New Day, and said some very interesting things.

Giuliani made headlines Monday when he gave a series of rambling TV interviews in which he stated that "collusion is not a crime". All I have are two reporters telling me Cohen told them there was a meeting three days before with a group of people that I said and that they discussed [inaudible 00:01:42] meeting and that the president was not there.

"Collusion is a crime". "'Collusion" and "coordination' are not legally relevant terms, but they are often used as shorthand to refer to such a criminal conspiracy", it said.

'The only crime there is hacking and it's ridiculous to think that the president hacked. It's one that would have kept me out of the investigation.

Donald Trump calls for Attorney General Jeff Session to end Russian Federation inquiry
On the same day, though, Giuliani also suggested the investigation shut just be shuttered and Mueller should "put up or shut up". Also on Wednesday, counsel to the president, Jay Sekulow, told Fox News that the president's tweet was not an order .

Even without collusion being a criminal offense, US legal analysts say Mueller is likely investigating a possible conspiracy, a criminal offense, to connect with a foreign government to influence the election and probing numerous ties Trump campaign aides had with Russian interests. Christie said that if Cohen wants to make a deal with prosecutors, he may be hurting himself by making claims publicly about Trump.

In April, authorities raided Cohen's home, office and hotel room as part of an investigation into his business dealings and efforts during the 2016 campaign to suppress negative stories about Trump.

According to Giuliani, presidents have the unfettered right to remove Federal Bureau of Investigation directors, and Trump had many reasons for taking such action with Comey. On Twitter, the president has claimed that there was "no collusion" on 38 separate occasions - and sometimes in all caps.

Mr Trump tweeted: "Collusion is not a crime, but that doesn't matter because there was No Collusion (except by Crooked Hillary and the Democrats)!".

On Monday, Giuliani called on Mueller to "be a man" and disclose the alleged conflict of interest, though the former New York City mayor said he wasn't aware of what it was. Mueller has even suggested recently that the President's tweets will be examined for evidence of obstruction.

Colbert spent his monologue dragging Rudy Giuliani's freakish TV behavior and his seeming inability to understand whether or not the President had broken any laws with his dealings with Russian Federation.

Rudy Giuliani had a disastrous Monday, to put it mildly. 'It's like a guy playing poker.

"No, it's starting to get useless", he added. My favorite is when he was comparing the Cohen and Mueller beef with President Trump to the Kennedy assassination and when Julius Caesar was killed - no hyperbole at all.

The cresting intrigue about Mueller, Cohen and the President's increasingly tetchy mood robbed the White House of a clean victory lap, following the positive economic data released Friday.