Kindergarten Teacher Fired For Also Being An Adult Actress

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"[They said] I couldn't work there because it goes against their statement of faith [and] that it goes against their views of fornication, like sex before marriage, and that's what I'm doing", she explained.

Skye told the station that her dream job is "having sex" - and she loves the "easy money" that comes with it.

The adult actress said: "I love teaching. If I can get away with doing both, then I will", she said. The porn star does not understand why her night job should bar her from being a teacher.

Nina Skye, a 21-year-old porn actress who taught at an undisclosed Christian preschool, was sacked after administrators learned of her career in the porn industry, The Washington Times reported.

She dismissed suggestions of a conflict between her job as an adult actress and the values of the unidentified religion pre-school. "They say it goes against the paper I signed, saying I wouldn't do that".

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Well, apparently she didn't get away with it because this is what her Instagram says now: "Ex preschool teacher, newbie porn girl". "I'm really open-minded. Super open-minded and not judgmental". Online critics said that "Satan School" would be a more appropriate school for Skye and that it's the parents right to know about their children's teacher. Skye said administrators even offered to help with her housing and give her a pay raise.

For now, Nina is willing to continue staying with new found vocation, confident she'll be able to return to teaching at some point, albeit for a public school.

And now the disgraced teacher has lifted the lid on how she truly feels about her sacking.

In addition to her "open-mindedness", Skye said that the money was too much to walk away from. "They offered help and advice, but I don't really want out of the industry", she admitted. She claimed that after her first shoot, she was "handed $2,500 on the spot". There's a really big stigma associated with it, and how our society views it, but that's not how I am.I'm really open-minded.