Labour's Owen Smith appointed as shadow Northern Ireland secretary

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It may seem like Smith's being fobbed off, but the job is actually about to become a lot more high-profile. It was a miserable conversation in which many were resigned to being dumped by their electorates. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn's stock is continuing to rise. The next day, things still looked bleak. This is the fantasy that she and she alone could negotiate the ultimate deal with the European partners whom we are about to divorce.

Joe Lee (Senior Trader Paddy Power): Despite what many are calling a disastrous election for May and the Conservatives, they did, in fact, increase their share of the overall vote to 42% (up five points on 2015).

Some media had reported that Yvette Cooper was among those who would be returning to the shadow Cabinet.

He wrote after the election: "The result in Wales nearly defies belief" - and then declared in an interview it was a "personal victory for Carwyn Jones"!

One of the untold stories of this campaign, however, is how heavily it relied on the years of patient marshalling of Labour's finances. "There is something deep in the British psyche that says in relation to Brexit, however you voted, whatever your view, we've now got to get on with it to get the best possible outcome and I think that's where the debate is", he said.

Colum Eastwood, leader of the SDLP, Northern Ireland's second-largest Irish nationalist party, said his party had a "positive" meeting with the prime minister over her efforts to come up with a deal with the DUP. After the botched manifesto launch, voters just stopped talking about her. That's when Labour lost albeit narrowly to John Major's Conservative government.

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Despite a flurry of late birdies it was not enough to turnaround an erratic round littered with errors and missed opportunities. The top three players in the world have never missed the cut in the same major dating to when the world ranking began in 1986.

The other significant learning from the United Kingdom election is the power of a strong, grassroots campaign. "We sometimes feed our own fears on this".

As the campaign went on, Labour succeeded in convincing more and more people that by investing in our future, we can ensure strong and sustainable economic growth, improve living standards and provide our public services with the funding they need. However Labour's advances under Corbyn's leadership combined by endemic Tory divisions reveal our road back to government.

Yet I and many activists come out of this campaign with something of a feeling of melancholy. Whether those Labour figures who still have some influence within the party, and who retain some distance from Corbyn, can persuade the members that a leadership change should be one of those aspects doesn't strike me as hugely viable. For even before reaching that point, it is clear that many of Labour's domestic policies are popular. In 2017 they got just over 7 per cent.

This is about much more than winning an election - it is about promoting the idea that Labour is an internationalist party at a time when worldwide leadership is sorely lacking. But can you blame anyone for chastising Theresa May, who made the election a personal contest with Jeremy Corbyn? Both parties threw vast sums at Facebook campaigning but are not yet comfortable standing on the virtual doorstep. Albeit, that many schools either fail to teach citizenship and democracy, or teach it badly.

Whilst Corbyn's policies are of no help to this new generation of business founders and startup chief executives, his mastery of social media helped him connect with this audience far more effectively than May managed.

Gainsborough MP Sir Edward Leigh has criticised parts of the Conservative general election campaign, claiming that they spent too much time attempting to trash Jeremy Corbyn rather than setting out their own stall for government. Labour needs to recognise that without its former seats there it has nearly no prospect of gaining a majority. But the problem with a science as inexact as politics is that by the time of the next election, the landscape will have changed sufficiently for there to be a whole load more mistakes available to make.