POTUS Should Tweet Less — Survey Says

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So much for the idea of vetting President Trump's tweets. Four percent of registered voters think the president doesn't tweet enough.

With more and more attention being placed on Trump's tweets as he's ramped up his online activity of late with some volatile (and contradictory) statements, the White House has been forced to address the issue. It's him speaking directly to the people, without any filters like prepared text, media commentary or even staff input. As with so much from this administration, there is no consistency, no transparency, no clarity whatsoever. (Trump, Maggie Haberman reports, declined to accept Sessions's resignation.) That offer reportedly came as tensions have grown between Trump and Sessions.

What a president says and does is news-particularly when a president talks about what he's doing, has done, or plans to do. "Whatever the leader of the free world says and does is important and has meaning to it".

Trump's "honest and unfiltered" message is going to get his policies blocked and his ass impeached. Trump repeated the sentiment twice Monday. When it finds a new post, the bot drops the text onto White House letterhead to ensure it's recognized as a formal statement from the president.

"It's not policy. It's social media", Gorka responded dismissively. "It's social media. You know the difference, right?"

Just one day ago White House Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway blasted the press for reporting on Trump's tweets, saying she "won't allow" his to be blamed for them. "I think it's frankly refreshing".So. Um. Just a week after his "covfefe" tweet took the internet by storm, "despite the constant negative press covfefe", White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump's tweets should be taken as official statements.

"Its kinda odd to have the defendant in Hawaii v. Trump acting as our co-counsel".

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When asked if Trump may face legal consequences with such tweets, in such cases as the travel ban trial by the Supreme Court, Spicer said the danger Trump has cited in forwarding the travel ban is real and that the court should follow the law. It was his adult son, Donald Trump Jr., who stepped up to the Twitter plate.

The institute said blocking any users from Trump's feed constitutes a violation of the First Amendment.

The administration has long held back the notion that Trump's executive order restricting travel was a ban on Muslims.

In excerpts of his remarks released by the White House, Trump is expected to say that inland waterways are critical to commerce, but now depend on a dilapidated system.

Trump, however, has made it clear that pleas for him to end his Twitter usage will fall on deaf ears. But with every passing minute of Trump Twitter silence, he edges closer to his own personal best (worst?).

But pressure has been mounting on Trump over his campaign's communications with Russians.