Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles Will be Available To Pre-order From Today

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Chief Elon Musk tweets saying, "Tesla solar glass roof orders open this afternoon".

Tesla's smooth glass tile.

CEO Elon Musk revealed on Twitter, that the company would begin taking orders for any territory from Wednesday afternoon. Powerwall 2.0 stores any excess energy generated by the solar roof tiles, which could help cover demand spikes and serve as back up energy.

Musk had previously stated that the tiles would be available in April, so the company is a little late on the announcement, which has been the case with many of his previous announcements.

Tesla's Solar Roof page on its website has yet to officially open for orders (at the time of this writing) but expected to begin taking customer orders later today. But to date, solar panels hadn't looked very appealing. "So when you're on the street, you simply see a stunning roof".

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At the time, Musk said Tesla was offering four different tile aesthetics to encourage customers to ditch clunky solar panels for a lovely roof.

Which implies solar tiles will require an initial outlay that's more than the upfront cost of a traditional slate roof.

Tesla's French slate and Tuscan glass tile options, however, won't be made available until 2018. "Our partner, Panasonic, will provide capital and operational support to manufacture PV cells, thus enabling high volume integrated tile and PV cell production at a single facility", the company said.

He also confirmed that deployment - i.e. delivery and installation - will be this year in the USA, and in 2018 for overseas orders.