Parties gear up for broadcast leaders' debate

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His tact was clear, to try and harness voter frustration after 16 years of Liberal governance in B.C.

Meanwhile BC Health Coalition Organizer Jennifer Kuhl says the group has five main concerns, and feels like majority weren't addressed in debate, including better access to mental health services.

BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver sat to the side through most of the sparring last week.

"Houses and accommodations should be there for people to live in, not to be viewed as commodities to trade like gold or potash", he said.

"I'm not sure which jobs you are talking about, Miss Clark, because there are no jobs", Weaver said.

The leaders will face off in a televised debate on Wednesday. "Are you going to lose your temper on me now, Mr. Horgan, because you did last week?" the Green leader goaded anxiously.

"I'm passionate. I got involved in public life because I wanted to make life better for people", he said.

The B.C. election debate may have been an opportunity for the three party leaders to discuss their platforms, but it also gave them a chance to point out their opponents' weaknesses and attack their personal characters.

"But he did, in a slip of the tongue, say the party that's going to win the election took a lot of campaign donations".

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The Liberals have run a largely stay-the-course campaign so far, highlighting their stewardship of Canada's top-performing economy. The Greens have proposed large tax increases, and a four-year budget that balances out in the fourth year.

She added that three of the NDP's campaign workers are from the Pittsburg Steelworkers Union, which also donated more than $600,000 to the NDP.

"Both of these men have spent most of their political careers trying to fight against jobs in B.C.", said Clark.

Weaver told reporters afterwards he was "just debating the issues". "We're principled because in September we banned corporate and union donations from our party because it was wrong, and it was a bit rich for you and your party to stand up and criticize the BC Liberals for doing exactly the same thing".

Some of the NDP's senior campaign staff are being paid by the union.

Horgan's promises to drop tolls on two Vancouver-area bridges, freeze hydro rates and eliminate medical services premiums drew dire warnings from the Liberals about higher taxes and deficits.

Weaver defended his plan to double the foreign buyers' tax for "mega-mansions" costing more than $1 million.

Clark said a ban will help develop the province's liquefied natural gas industry, arguing if China shifted from coal to LNG it would have "a massive impact" on greenhouse gas emissions.

Williams-Derry said it will be hard for Clark to use thermal coal as a bargaining chip in negotiations around softwood now that she is on the record saying coal is dirty.