'Infowars' host Jones says his on-air persona not a 'trick'

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Noting that the lawyer's "he's just a radio character" defense emerged in a child custody case following Jones' divorce, Noah plays an alarming clip of the maniacal Infowars host and wonders how any woman could possibly want to leave him - or why the former Mrs. Jones would think he shouldn't be raising children. While testifying in his custody trial today-on 420, no less-Jones revealed yet another seemingly benign thing he believes to be a product of the conspiracy: sweet, mind-melting high-grade cannabis. Jones initially claimed he drinks, but hardly ever gets drunk; presented with a video of himself visibly intoxicated conducting interviews on inauguration day, Jones backtracked to say he doesn't get drunk on the set of his show.

The Austin American-Statesman reports (http://atxne.ws/2oOuQ2o ) that Jones discounted any suggestion that he's "playing a trick on the public" with his on-air persona.

Anyway, that was reportedly in response to aggressive questioning by his ex-wife's attorney on the subject of Jones's alcohol and drug use.

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Jones' ex-wife, Kelly Jones, is seeking to gain sole or joint custody of their three children.

There is no facet of American life that Alex Jones can not ascribe to a vast and shadowy global plot to undermine US sovereignty.

At court, Jones acknowledged that he had smoked marijuana in Texas, violating the law, at least two years ago because he wanted to determine its strength. These days, thanks to billionaire philanthropist George Soros, pot is way too strong and it's giving people brain damage, he said.