Province reviewing library cuts made in budget

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Funding was scrapped altogether for Saskatoon and Regina libraries.

"The budget was not trying to win popularity, but rather to do what's best for the province's finances and economy".

At that time, Morgan has said he didn't want to see that program end but did not address what financial solution would be offered.

She said the contrast between the $60 million in tax breaks to some corporations, in conjunction with the $54 million in cuts to the educational system and the $4.8 million in cuts to libraries, are among residents' top concerns.

An online poll done earlier this month showed support for Wall's Saskatchewan Party dropped to 44 per cent.

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Consider this: spend more than $3 million buying buses and upgrading assets for the Saskatchewan Transportation Company in 2016, and then shut it down in 2017.

The NDP polled at 40 per cent.

Seven per cent of those polled supported the Progressive Conservatives, five per cent for the Saskatchewan Liberals and four per cent for the Green Party. Because the research was conducted online, it is considered to be a non-probability proportion sample, and margins of error are not applicable. Party and this year's provincial budget.

Another 25 per cent said they are undecided.

Respondents were asked to describe their thoughts on the budget in one word. Some of the words used most were "disappointed", "necessary", "shocked" and "disgusted".