Chevrolet FNR-X concept wows China

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As yet, powertrain details are scarce other than to say it is a de rigeur plug-in hybrid system.

The idea of a more practical vehicle on GM's "Voltec" platform is not exactly new, with the Volt MPV5 concept shown at the Beijing Auto Show in 2010. The FNR-X is an "all-purpose sports concept vehicle" according to Chevy and it has a hybrid powertrain.

"The FNR-X builds on the design and technology showcased on the original FNR concept and embodies the belief at Chevrolet's core that anything is possible", said Alan Batey, GM executive vice president and president of GM North America and Global Chevrolet.

Key features include adaptive suspension, which lowers ride height in sport mode, and can increase ground clearance in versatility mode.

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Featuring an interior dominated by remote control rear-hinged doors and a pillar-less structure, inside, the new Chevy's nterior is claimed to mix traditional Chinese woodwork with a high-tech design.

On the move the concept also introduces active aero largely alien to the small crossover class. Features like active grill shutters are nothing new, but the USA auto maker's concept also comes with adjustable wheel blades, front and rear spoilers and side skirts that move according to driving style to maximise downforce or minimise drag. Ambient lighting reflects whichever driving mode has been selected, and graphene-inspired trim surround the driver and passenger. As how you can see in the photo above, the vehicle looks really lovely as it tones down on the design of the old FNR concept from two years ago.

The FNR-X supports intelligent connected mobility for individual users.

With the all-terrain Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS), in addition to optical and acoustic recognition sensors all over its body, the FNR-X provides highly autonomous driver assistance by choosing the best route based on its predictions for complex road conditions. A "panoramic intelligent augmented reality head-up display", which consists of three head-up displays within the dash, offers a zoomed-out, lateral view of the vehicle to further enhance safety.