Utah man rescued after surviving for three weeks in snowy wilderness

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He also admitted that the fire started because of his "hasty" mistake.

Steele got up in the center of the evening on either December 17 or 18- he could not remember the precise day, cannon fodders stated- and listened to melting plastic originating from the roofing system.

He began ordering every little thing he could, consisting of coverings and a rifle yet his actual top priority was his 6-year-old delicious chocolate laboratory, Phil.

The moment when a helicopter rescue team located Steele was captured on video and posted on the Alaska State Troopers official Facebook page. "It's just going back from the point and seeing the roof on fire, going back everywhere, as if smoke everywhere", he said.

On Jan. 9 - three weeks after he was left stranded - Steele saw the Alaska State Trooper's helicopter flying above him. "Just a visceral - not angry, not sad, just like, that's all I could express - just scream". An SOS signal was stamped in the snow outside.

"It can be negative 40 outside and if you have a candle - which I didn't - but if you do, it can be above 30 degrees". He also said that he was sleeping in a snow cave and makeshift shelter that he built around his wooden stove. I slept for a really long time.

"He was so scared of the fire and in my thinking I've gotta grab Phil and I've gotta grab some stuff to sleep in so I basically".

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Police have released their interview with Mr Steele, in which he told the story of his survival and rescue. Some of them had popped open in the heat and tasted of burnt cabin; others, such as his plastic jars of peanut butter, had melted into the contents - these he kept til very last. "It was like a war zone", Mr Steele said.

He wrote "SOS" in the snow and traced the letters in ashes. But I have no idea what waterways stay frozen enough for me to walk through - I could fall through the ice. He rationed some 30 days of food that he was able to salvage.

The rescue team was responding to a welfare check on Steele after family and friends reported that they had not heard from him in weeks.

"It broke another rule that I had established for years, and that had to be strict in my weekly communication - call my parents and let them know I'm good", he complained. He went on to build another tent-like shelter for himself with the help of scraps and tarps.

Pilot Cliff Gilliland and Tactical Flight Officer Trooper Zac Johnson rescued him.

After bringing him to Lake Hood, troopers offered Steele a shower and fulfilled his "long dreamed-of" meal request: a McDonald's No. 2 Combo Meal.

Steele said that he plans to go to Salt Lake City to spend some time with his family.