YOU Season 2 Review: 7 Ups & 4 Downs

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The Netflix series is developed by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti with Productions and Alloy Entertainment producing You in association with Warner Horizon Scripted Television. We recognize them more as we get older, and we often find that they're extremely hard to break. The second season has been a huge hit with viewers and the ending did not disappoint.

Based on the novels by Caroline Kepnes, You will make you want to swear off dating and humanity forever.

As a reminder, You is a series that follows the sickly obsessions of a certain Joe Goldberg! Only he's nothing like that at all.

In season two, Joe - who now goes by the name Will, an identity he assumed under their own nefarious circumstances - becomes infatuated with a woman named Love Quinn, who works at the same granola-and-posi-vibes grocery store as he does.

You now stream on Netflix. Her appearances in YOU season 2 are simply Joe's imagination.

But Delilah? She's seen things. Naturally with those kinds of numbers the streaming service snatched up this show and made it an original.

"Whereas you're sort of, for better or worse, mercifully saved from seeing that in the first season". While that's a large sum of money, it isn't enough to guarantee that there will be a Season 3.

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The Ellie character, much like the Paco character in season 1, did not exist in the book. The main characters of You haven't changed though, but they've come again with a new place and a new style to double the thrill we've been expecting from it.

Have you been renewed for season 3 on Netflix?

It was expected for months and this is it, the season 2 of YOU is available in its entirety on Netflix, what to do a small session of binge-watching, which falls sheer for chiller a little after the new year's eve. The two of them kissed nearly immediately, whereas in the show, Joe tried to resist his attraction to Love for as long as possible. Not only that, but she was the one who originally killed her brother Forty's (James Scully) predatory nanny. Others are showing their love for the first season.

Because it seems, Ellie was fast to catch the spy ware on her cellphone that Joe put in.

But why is it that Joe cares about protecting children of color, yet doesn't seem to harbor that same instinct toward Latinx women? Will he find someone new to be obsessed with? You know what that means.

You'll remember the last series saw Joe's ex Candace (Ambyr Childers) dramatically emerge, after it was previously thought that he'd killed her. No matter what happens, we're prepared to be traumatized.