Why Is Giuliani In Ukraine Right Now? Trump Officials Are Worried

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One of President Donald Trump's staunchest allies said it was "weird" and "odd" that the president's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was back digging for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden in Ukraine.

Giuliani is seen left in Kyiv with former Ukrainian diplomat Andrii Telizhenko, who has promoted conspiracy theories about Democrats colluding with Ukraine.

"He's going to make a report, I think, to the attorney-general and to Congress", Mr Trump told reporters outside the White House before he departed for Florida.

This has stoked fears in the Trump camp that Giuliani is renewing his campaign of uncovering alleged Biden-linked corruption in Ukraine - at a time when similar past activities initially motivated Democrats' pursuit of impeachment against President Trump. "He says that he has a lot of good information. I have not spoken to him about that information". "I heard that he had found many".

"I think he wants to go to Congress ... and also to the Attorney General and the Department of Justice", Trump said.

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In response to those comments, Giuliani told NBC News Saturday that he is "in process of still analyzing what I received". The letter said there's "overwhelming evidence that President Trump betrayed his oath of office by seeking to use presidential power to pressure a foreign government to help him distort an American election."The scholars said both chambers of Congress "would be acting well within their constitutional powers" if they ultimately vote to impeach and remove Trump".

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., told "This Week" that Giuliani's actions are "an ongoing threat to the national security".

Rep. Mark Meadows, another key GOP ally of the president, suggested on Sunday that Mr. Giuliani was freelancing somewhat with his latest venture.

"I think the president was acting on a honest, longly held view and skepticism of foreign aid", Gaetz of Florida said on ABC's "This Week". "Yes", Meadows said on CNN's "State of the Union", a reference to unproven allegations against former vice president Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate. But they added that "conduct need not be criminal to be impeachable" and that the "standard here is constitutional; it does not depend on what Congress has chosen to criminalize."They emphasized that elections are the primary way to check a president, in the sense that if they behave poorly then voters can punish them or their party at the ballot box". "But I don't know that he's over there at the president's direction".