R. Kelly now facing bribery charge over fake ID to Wednesday Aaliyah

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The Step In The Name Of Love singer has been accused of bringing the government employee on August 30, 1994, in order to get a fake identification document for "Jane Doe 1".

The following day, Kelly, aged 27 at the time, married Aaliyah Dana Haughton in a private hotel ceremony in Chicago.

The marriage between then Aaliyah and Kelly was later annulled.

Defense attorney Douglas C. Anton, who is handling R. Kelly's NY case, called the new bribery charge "an absolute absurdity, backed by more innuendo and baseless accusations". The 52-year-old singer, who remains in federal custody, is scheduled to go on trial in Chicago in April, and the following month in NY for other sexual abuse charges. Kelly's lawyer Steven Greenberg used a January Good Morning America interview to say the singer wasn't aware of her age at the time of their marriage.

The newest legal indictment was filed by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York, and expands on costs filed towards him in July. The girls would then be groomed by R. Kelly and be prohibited from making any contact with family members, therefore, leaving them to depend only on Kelly. The certificate, leaked at the time, listed her age as 18.

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And then, on August 31, 1994, Kelly married Aaliyah Haughton - with an official IL wedding certificate that stated that she was 18.

But on December 5, federal prosecutors added more charges, including bribery of a public office and public employee, according to court documents obtained by E! He had one victim travel in 2017 to a show on Long Island, New York, where he had unprotected sex with her without telling her "he had contracted an infectious venereal disease", in violation of New York law, they say.

The latest allegation against Kelly doesn't state whether or not the payment was actually made.

Someone said: "The FBI hitting him with everything now it's over for Robert Kelly" and another follower posted this: 'Whew Chile... when they say what goes around comes back around...' "There's no way around it".