Trump decries Iranian crackdown on protesters

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Iran's mission to the United Nations disputed Amnesty's findings early Tuesday, though it offered no evidence to support its claim. In recent days, however, access has been restored and glimpses of the government's brutality have surfaced.

"It's something pretty unprecedented in the history of the human rights violations in the Islamic Republic".

Altogether, from 180 to 450 people, and possibly more, were killed in four days of intense violence after the gasoline price increase was announced on November 15, with at least 2,000 wounded and 7,000 detained, according to worldwide rights organizations, opposition groups and local journalists.

It has been at risk of falling apart since US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from it in May past year and reimposed sanctions on Iran. That decision has seen Iran begin to break limits of the deal, as well as a series of attacks across the Mideast that America has blamed on Tehran.

Washington has ruled out lifting sanctions unless Iran further curbs its nuclear work, ends its ballistic missile programme and its regional proxy wars.

Amnesty's death toll of at least 208 makes it the bloodiest unrest in Iran since the time of the Islamic Revolution. Shahriar had seen heavy protests.

Amnesty International offered no breakdown for the deaths elsewhere in the country, although it said "the real figure is likely to be higher". Mills said there was a "general environment of fear inside of Iran at the moment".

It also condemned the idea that "families of victims have been threatened and warned not to speak to the media, or not to hold funeral ceremonies for their loved ones". She alleged authorities then immediately detain those with the suspicious wounds.

The New York Times reported over the weekend that the number could be higher.

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"What they've done was not right but. we must not be strict with these people", he said.

"If you cross our red line, we will destroy you", he said. That's 12 cents a liter, or about 50 cents a gallon. After a monthly 60-liter quota, it costs 30,000 rials a litre. That's almost 90 cents a gallon. An average gallon of regular gas in the US costs $2.58 by comparison, according to AAA.

Cheap gasoline is practically considered a birthright in Iran, home to the world's fourth-largest crude oil reserves despite decades of economic woes.

Golyamkhosein Esmaily said that the lawsuits and complaints were filed by Iranian citizens who directly suffered damage from "US actions". That disparity, especially given its oil wealth, fueled the anger felt by demonstrators.

The scale of the demonstrations also remains unclear.

Iran has faced growing worldwide criticism and pressure over the security force crackdown on demonstrations that spread across at least 100 cities and towns throughout the Islamic Republic in mid-November.

On Monday night, Iran's state-run IRTV2 channel broadcast a report confirming that there were fatalities during the unrest, but did not give any figures.

An Iranian legislator said last week that about 7,000 protesters had been arrested.