Jay-Z Returns Catalog to Spotify on His 50th Birthday

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In a Twitter announcement Wednesday, Spotify wished the rapper a happy birthday and welcomed him back to the streaming service.

On his 50th birthday, Jay-Z gave some of his fans a special present: He returned his music to Spotify.

In honor of the rapper's 50th birthday (Dec. 4), the billionaire MC has chose to restore his albums back to Spotify's library.

It's unclear what this news means for the future of Tidal which already faces tough competition from both Spotify and Apple Music.

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Anyway, you might as well start at the beginning...

Spotify isn't the only streaming service with Jay-Z's hits. Hard Knock Life, Spotify now holds other memorable LP's like American Gangster, The Black Album, Kingdom Come and all of The Blueprint albums. He previously removed most of his catalogue when he launched Tidal, with the exception of his 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt, 1997's In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, Vol. 2... We don't know how long these records will stay up for on the streaming platform, so fans will have to make it last and enjoy listening to one of the greats in hip-hop while they still can.

The catalog was initially pulled from Apple and Spotify in April 2017, at Hov's behest, but it was restored on Apple Music shortly after.