Your Christmas tree might cost a bit more this year. Here's why

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If a living Christmas tree is an important part of your holiday tradition, you may want to hurry to get one, or be a bit more prepared than usual to shell it out.

Three Boy Scout troops are working together to raise money for their outings by selling Christmas Trees.

"Alberta will be hit harder because the majority of the trees are imported", said MacIsaac.

"It was 1949 when we started doing the trees here and this lot", said Gene Genal with Boy Scout Troop 61, the group that organizes the lot. "It's earlier than we've seen".

"We try to keep our prices close to what they were previous year, but a lot of people have raised them quite a bit because they're having trouble getting the trees they need", he said. The US Department of Agriculture says the value of the Christmas tree industry in Vermont is over $ 2.6 million.

Most of the trees come from OR and MI but about a quarter of them come from here in the Black Hills.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Americans bought more trees last year and are expected to again this year.

The organization that provides training and jobs to adults with developmental disabilities will hold its tree sale from 7 7 p.m. every day until all the trees are sold. Last year, winners took home toys, kitchen supplies, jewelry and more. The dry trees have a quicker average burn time.

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Keith Young moves Christmas Trees at the Plantation Garden Centre on 4th Street Calgary on Thursday, November 28, 2019.

A permit allows holders to cut one tree up to 20-feet tall for personal use until December 31.

"People will have to be more strategic".

"This is one of the best places to come and cut a Christmas tree. We might not be able to accommodate that kind of tree that you've always had", said Brennan. A tree can stay wrapped in the garage or basement.

Friesen said that has resulted in prices going up, and selection of varietals going down.

"Prices are being driven through the roof".

Schrauwen said Knapp ordered their trees a year ago to ensure stock and hold prices steady. "In the United States, people are paying well over $100 Dollars for a six- to seven-foot Fraser fir that even with the increase we sell for $89".