U.S. Act Supporting Human Rights in Hong Kong to Become Law

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Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous Chinese region and USA policy treats its economy as separate from the rest of China.

The Post noted Trump has 10 days to sign the pro-democracy legislation into law or veto it. Student protesters, including many high schoolers, descended on the campus last week.

There are now several dozen student activists holed up inside a campus in the city which has been surrounded by police, amid fears officers may storm in using live ammunition and cause a massacre.

In the ensuing siege, some protesters fended off the police with Molotov cocktails, homemade napalm bombs, bows and arrows and various improvised weapons.

Xie Feng, the Foreign Ministry's commissioner to Hong Kong - China's top diplomat in the city - summoned USA consul general Hanscom Smith on Wednesday to say that the approval of the act by U.S. lawmakers was an affront to the "will of the worldwide community" and a "violation of China's internal affairs".

"When necessary we will fight back, but we have been working actively to try not to have a trade war", Xi said at an worldwide forum in Beijing, according to a pool report cited by Reuters.

The court said Friday it had rejected the government's request for a longer suspension and decided instead upon a short stay of its ruling due to the "great public importance of the issues raised in this case, and the highly exceptional circumstances that Hong Kong is now facing".

'Barbarians': Inside Chinese media coverage of Hong Kong
CBC News Network's Michael Serapio spoke to pro-democracy protester Tang Siu Wa inside Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. Police have set up a cordon around the area to prevent anyone from escaping.

The protests, sparked by a now-withdrawn bill that sought to allow extraditions to mainland China, have entered their sixth month, plunging Hong Kong into its most serious political crisis since its handover to Chinese rule in 1997. "We stand with you". Now it will go to President Donald Trump for enactment, and according to sources close to the White House, the president is willing to sign it.

The status has meant that as trade tensions between the US and China escalate, Hong Kong's exports are exempt from USA tariffs and other protectionist measures on Chinese goods.

The ministry also urged that it not be passed into law, saying it would not only harm Chinese interests and China-U.S. relations, but the United States' own interests too.

On the Senate floor, Sen.

Australian shares gained 0.55% and Japan s Nikkei.N225 was up 0.43%.

That 12-year-old boy was arrested on his way to school the morning after he allegedly spray-painted slogans onto a police station and a subway station. China is pushing for a reduction of U.S. tariffs, while Trump has so far only promised to hold off raising tariffs further.

Patten called on the British government to speak out as soon as possible to express its concern at the Chinese remarks, which followed the overturning by Hong Kong courts of a ban on protesters wearing face masks, a move that infuriated Beijing. But China has warned the human rights bill could imperil efforts to defuse the trade tensions that have rattled the economy ahead of Trump's re-election bid. A spokeperson said during a briefing on Thursday, "If the US insists on going down this wrong path, China will take strong countermeasures".