The Motorola Razr flip phone is back

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Launched in late 2004, the first Razr became a cultural icon in the USA, sold 130 million units and was the face of the phone industry before Apple launched the iPhone in 2007.

Motorola is offering what a solid warranty, that includes any screen damage normal wear and tear, but he noted it's not waterproof or sandproof, so the new Razr is certainly not a ruggedized device.

Now, more than a decade later, Motorola is staging a comeback with a modern take on the Razr.

Price isn't the only potential hamstring to widespread adoption of the new Razr, though; Motorola has opted to make the phone a Verizon exclusive.

Xiaomi has patented yet another foldable smartphone design, and this one is similar to the Motorola Razr. It's Motorola's first foldable smartphone, and the company is calling it a "design-first" kind of phone which means if you're expecting peak smartphone performance or a powerful battery life this ain't it. Still though, watching the original Razr simultaneously soar through the air and melt as it becomes the new Razr is a heck of a way to show product evolution. The device also has 6 GB of internal memory and 128 GB of storage capacity. The best part of the phone is that it still has its signature "flip" and is a smartphone.

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16MP main camera. 5MP front camera. The mode also features the classic RAZR boot animation as well as the same pop-up UI and sounds in the dialer.

Lynnette Luna, principal analyst at GlobalData Technology, noted that the Motorola Razr was "a massive hit 15 years ago", and said with the reboot, Motorola "has done a rather clever thing". The phone also doesn't support 5G.

I've only spent about an hour with the phone, but it's already the only foldable phone I've actually been excited about, and not just because of my flip phone nostalgia. However, Motorola wasn't marketing the Razr V3 to the normal consumer. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which puts a large viewing screen above all else, the Razr emphasizes portability. Yes, it's a sexy phone; yes, it will cost you a lot. Motorola seems to have corrected numerous injustices that these phones delivered but whether or not they've satisfactorily quelled all shortcomings remains to be seen.