Brazil's ex-president Lula released from prison

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Lula was expected to run for president again in 2018 before being imprisoned, and was still featured heavily in ads for the campaign of the candidate of his Workers' Party, Fernando Haddad, who lost to Bolsonaro.

This Friday, the defense of the former labor leader submitted to justice the request for release, based on the decision taken the day before by the Federal Supreme Court that considered prison after the second instance conviction and not exhausting all legal remedies to be unconstitutional.

The earlier chief, who dominated from 2003 to 2010, had been favored to accumulate the 2018 presidential election, however his conviction prohibited him from jogging.

Though Lula's release could galvanize the left and stir up an already heated political environment, it would have small repercussions on Brazil's economic reforms, according to consultancy Eurasia.

Supporters of jailed former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, rejoice a Supreme Courtroom choice that will maybe no price Da Silva, outdoors the home Brazil's Supreme Court docket, in Brasilia, Brazil, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019.

He added Lula was "momentarily free, but guilty".

It overturns a three-year-old rule which mandated immediate prison time for convicted criminals after they lost their first appeal.

And in the U.S., liberal presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said that in Brazil no one had done more than Lula to reduce poverty and defend workers.

When released, Lula would be free to engage in politics but would not be eligible under Brazil's Clean Record law to seek elected office for eight years after his first conviction, which was in June 2017.

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Under a Supreme Court ruling on Thursday, Lula and other convicted criminals can only be jailed after they exhaust their appeals.

The former president received a sentence of almost nine years for a bribery conviction and is one of many high-profile convicts in the "Car Wash" investigation of public corruption.

Lula's release is likely to spur the divided and rudderless left and, paradoxically, could also help Bolsonaro, who capitalized in last year's vote on widespread anti-PT sentiment after a massive corruption scandal. "On the other hand, it ends the PT's "Free Lula' rhetoric, and forces the party to take on another agenda". Its former CEO said the apartment was reserved for Da Silva.

He called for a rally on Saturday at the metalworkers union on the outskirts of Sao Paulo where he got his political start, pledging to follow that up with a national tour.

Aside from the beachfront apartment, he was also sentenced by a lower court judge in a case centered around ownership of a farmhouse in Atibaia, outside Sao Paulo.

The former president is now appealing to higher courts.

Da Silva has denied any wrongdoing and accuses Car Wash prosecutors of political persecution.

Lula was "very serene" and the Supreme Court ruling had given him "hope that there could be justice", he said.