Angry mob 'cruelly' humiliates town's mayor in violent street attack

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A Bolivian protest leader who has emerged as a symbol of the opposition said that he will decide on Thursday the date and time for a march to the government palace to deliver a pre-written resignation letter for President Evo Morales to sign.

A few hours after the ruling Patricia Ase, the Mas Party was handed over to Vito in the Vito.

Om Wednesday, authorities confirmed that a third person was killed in the streets during clashes between the supporters and the foes of President Evo Morales.

At least three people have died so far.

Meanwhile, in the town of Vinto, located about 210 miles from Cochabamba, the mayor of the governing Mas party was attacked by protesters after rumors that two members of the opposition had been killed by supporters of Morales, according to the BBC.

The protests are the latest violent clashes between supporters of Morales' government and the opposition demonstrators ahead of Bolivia's October 20 elections.

Mayor of Vinto, Patricia Arce, speaks to the media after being attacked in the street by a crowd that sprayed her with reddish paint and cut her hair in Vinto, Bolivia, Nov. 6, 2019.

She was dragged and forced to walk barefoot through the town by the mob, before being rescued by police on motorcycles.

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Arce was eventually handed over to police who took her to a local healthcare centre.

In the meantime, protesters set fire to the town hall.

Her put of job became space alight and the windows of the town corridor were smashed. Doctors said Guzmán Vasquez had a fractured skull which may have been caused by an explosive device.

Bolivia has seen tensions rise since election night when the results count was inexplicably paused for 24 hours.

Election observers from the Group of American States (OAS) expressed their concerns and an audit by the physique is now underway.

Bolivia has been shaken by the post-election deadly violence by opposition claims that Morales manipulated his re-election last month.

The suspension prompted suspicions amongst supporters of opposition candidate Carlos Mesa that the outcome had been rigged to permit Morales, who has been in energy since 2006 to remain on for an additional 5 years. Nonetheless, Mesa has rejected the audit arguing that it was agreed with out his or his get together's enter.

Mr. Morales accused Mr. Mesa of launching a coup, and supporters of both sides fought in La Paz and other cities.