The Liberals & The NDP Will Not Be Ganging Up After All

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Adopting a Proportional Representation voting system, or a Mixed-Member Proportional system would ensure that the popular vote would more truly represent what Canadian voters actually seem to want from their government.

Trudeau appeared Wednesday to attempt a more conciliatory tone as he seeks a way to keep his minority government afloat.

The Green Party has already indicated to remain in the Opposition with its leader Elizabeth May saying that her party would work hard to hold the government to account by "non-stop arm-twisting".

The Liberals include Harjit Singh Sajjan, Randeep Singh Sarai and Sukh Dhaliwal from British Columbia; Navdeep Singh Bains, Gagan Sikand, Rameshwar Singh Sangha, Maninder Singh Sidhu, Kamal Khera, Ruby Sahota, Sonia Sidhu, Bardish Chagger and Raj Saini from Ontario, and Anju Dhillon from Quebec.

Despite Monday's loss, Tories made gains on their seat count - they won 99 seats in the 2015 federal election.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer took questions during a live Facebook event today.

Unlike 2015, when the Liberals had a year to get ready for the election, two of the Liberal campaign officials said, preparations this time were delayed by months as the party struggled with the pressures of governing and the after-effects of the ethics scandal.

During the last two weeks of the campaign, Trudeau repeatedly told supporters that voting for the rival New Democrats, Bloc Quebecois and Greens would result in a progressive opposition, not a progressive government.

Trudeau also acknowledged it was a divisive election campaign, often focused on personal attacks. Presumably, the Conservatives aren't going to be voting alongside the Liberals most of the time, while the Bloc Quebecois is generally only interested in doing so when it furthers the interests of Quebec.

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Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the New Democratic party, promised to be constructive.

"The Liberals like to talk progressive, but they govern conservative", Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democrats, said on Oct 15. 4 years ago, you chose real change and a better, more positive vision for Canada that we all shared.

A party had to obtain 170 out of 338 seats to form a majority government. Anger at Trudeau has mounted in the oil-producing region over federal environmental policies that the energy industry says will harm output.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition government after it failed to get a majority in the recently concluded general elections.

One American who will likely be celebrating Trudeau's election victory is former President Barack Obama, who offered the Canadian PM a last-minute endorsement just days before Monday's vote. Andrew Scheer and his Conservative party picked up seats.

A joyful Justin Trudeau addressed fellow Liberals in Montreal.

The liberal image of Trudeau, whose father opened the country to mass immigration, took a severe blow when pictures emerged early in the campaign of him wearing blackface in the early 1990s and in 2001.

"It's extremely important that the government works for all Canadians, and as I have endeavoured to do over the past years and as I will do even more now, deliberately, I will be reaching out to leaders across the country, reaching out specifically to westerners to hear from them", he said. Since then, the party has 13 seats of the deficit of an absolute majority of the votes.