How to install iOS 13.3 Beta 1 without Dev account

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The feature is added as a part of the Screen Time tool, and effects not only texting and calling but also video calls. iOS 13.3 also includes a new option in Settings to disable the Memoji keyboard from always appearing alongside the emoji keyboard. The iOS 13.2.2 update comes just more than a week after Apple released iOS 13.2 alongside iPadOS 13.2 and tvOS 13.2.

Here's how to download and install iOS 13.3 beta 1 and iPadOS 13.3 beta 1 OTA update Configuration Profile file without registered UDID or developer account. Essentially, if a user switched out of an app and back into it, the app would reset, killing any active tasks or work in the app. iOS 13.2.2 brings a fix for this issue.

This is the update to the iOS 13.2 build that was rolled out on October 28.

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Based on the release notes, iOS 13.2.2 fixes an issue that could impact apps running in the background to quit unexpectedly, leading the apps to refresh more than the usual. Some users complained about being unable to maintain a data connection even with full bars showing. One is the issue where the Kerberos single sign-on service in Safari requires presents authentication prompt.

The new iOS and iPadOS updates also fix a bug that made replies to S/MIME encrypted emails between Exchange accounts unreadable. There are also a couple of other fixes that iOS 13.2.2 introduce. -Resolves an issue where charging may be interrupted on YubiKey Lightning-powered accessories.

In terms of security fixes, the dedicated support page by Apple shows that the iOS and iPadOS updates both have no published Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) entries.