Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1 already has a title

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K, that failed to transpire in genuine lifestyle, but it did on Stranger Matters and sparked the all over the world phenomenon that is the Netflix collection.

"'Stranger Things" continues to go from strength to strength each season with work already beginning on its fourth outing.

There were mass thanks to the creators of Stranger Things ... So "The Hellfire Club" could easily be the name of a group of friends getting together for some good old-fashioned role-playing.

The so-called holiday was announced on November 1, 2018 via a trailer released across the "Stranger Things'" social media platforms. Someone has to be funding these secret projects, and maybe we'll finally meet them.

Bengals' AJ Green expected to debut Sunday
The Ravens average over 200 rushing yards per game. "Here they come roaring back and we make a couple mistakes", Harbaugh noted. Green has been out since Week 13 of last season after re-injuring a toe injury that eventually saw him land on injured reserve.

The Hellfire Club was introduced in the comics when they to sabotage X-Men team member Jean Grey. A version of this organization appeared in 2011's movie X-Men: First Class. In the very first episode, there's a reference to Uncanny X-Men No. 134, which is part of the Dark Phoenix story and prominently features members of the Hellfire Club, including Mastermind, Black King, Donald Pierce, and more.

"The truth is we're definitely going four seasons and there's very much the possibility of a fifth", executive producer Shawn Levy told Entertainment Weekly. Chief Hopper's physical appearance has been updated to reflect Stranger Things actor David Harbour's recent physical transformation.

Are the writers trying to throw fans off the scent by playing into the fan theory?

This time around, the Netflix show has shared a heartwarming 36-second clip of all our favourite characters saying Will's name, taken from snippets of all three seasons.