Merkel, NATO chief reject Macron's view NATO is dying

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Europe should start acting like a strategic power whose first order of business is to re-open dialogue with Russia, Macron said in an interview with the British weekly published Thursday. He described fading US commitment and lack of consultation - especially under President Donald Trump - as undermining the foundations of the alliance and forcing Europe to rethink its security.

Article Five of Nato's founding charter stipulates that an attack on one member will produce a collective response from the alliance.

However, Mr. Mark Long seems unsure when asked if it is still valid. If something happens at our borders?

The European Union has also recently launched its own multi-billion-euro defence plans to develop and deploy military assets together after years of spending cuts that have left European militaries without vital capabilities and reliant on Washington.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg also rejected the characterisation during a joint news conference in Berlin. The White House didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Trump also wrong-footed the allies by announcing a troop drawdown in Afghanistan and then declaring that peace talks with the Taliban were canceled after a bomb attack killed a US soldier.

"NATO has implemented the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense in decades - the biggest adaptation of our alliance since the end of the Cold War", Stoltenberg told reporters on October 24.

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They are also known for occasional coordinated attacks when seeking to make a political point with a show of strength. Law enforcement, instructors and other federal government reps are generally targets of the violence.

Still, Trump, has pushed traditional allies away in pursing his "America First" agenda.

Turkey and the U.S. had made their decisions without consulting with their fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners and the move caught NATO's leading European powers - France, Britain and Germany - by surprise, infuriating the French leader who had always been pressing for closer European defence cooperation and "strategic autonomy".

He said the United States under President Donald Trump appears to be "turning its back on us", notably by pulling troops out of northeast Syria without notice.

In an early sign of how the French president would like to see an autonomous European foreign policy change priorities, he has called for re-engagement with Russian Federation, still under EU sanctions for its annexation of Crimea and military support for insurgents in Eastern Ukraine.

And Macron said he believed that Putin, for all the anti-Western bombast from the Kremlin, would find his strategic options limited, in the long term, to "a partnership project with Europe".

"The reunification of Germany and Europe would have been impossible without the United States", he said.