Mandatory reporting would improve staff mental health, a third of firms say

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The survey of more than 150 HR practitioners asked whether mandatory public reporting of workplace mental health statistics, which was suggested in the Thriving at work Stevenson/Farmer review of mental health and employers two years ago, would help United Kingdom employers better tackle the issue. The goal is to expand the pipeline of high-quality, trained professionals to address shortages of mental health services in high-need schools and to provide supports that encompass social and emotional learning, mental wellness, resilience, and positive connections between students and adults.

The survey results, published ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, also revealed that nearly half (44%) of HR professionals thought poor mental health, anxiety or stress accounted for between 20% and 40% of the total number of sick days taken in their organisation.

"It really works for me. And though much has been done (rightly) to promote diversity at work, there's a giant hole when it comes to understanding how temperament and sentiment play into the trajectory of success". It knows no age limit or socio-economic status. Everyone - either directly or indirectly - is affected by a mental health issue. And the overall rate, at 38 per cent, was higher among respondents who had already been diagnosed with a mental-health condition.

"Younger generations (Gen Z & millennials) were more likely to experience mental health symptoms for longer durations, but were also more open to diagnosis and treatment as well as talking about mental health at work", the report says. However, the good news is that people have started accepting their psychological health issues along with their physical health issues; the percentage of such people is very low at the moment, though. "Don't be afraid to reach out, don't ever be afraid you'll be judged or thought less of".

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The School Climate Transformation Grant Program provides $42.4 million to 69 school districts to help develop, enhance, or expand systems of support for, and technical assistance to, schools implementing a multi-tiered system of support for improving school climate. That fear is clearly visible from their body language, asking again if their issues will be kept secret and not disclosed to anyone, including their families. "Everyone has judged me every time and I have lost all my confidence due to it".

To help you take care of your own mental health, today and throughout the year, here we round up four lifestyle changes that can be easily made to help boost our mental well-being. Until and unless we spread awareness, we can never encourage and support people to talk.

Gympass has created a specific mental health policy to help build a culture where staff feel comfortable and supported.

Consequently, the Philippine Council for Mental Health (PCMH) as mandated by law was organized.