Washington ready to accept short-term deal with China if structural issues addressed

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China has booked deals for about 3.5 million tonnes of US soybeans since early September, around 10% of its annual purchases prior to the trade war.

The talks are getting under way about a week before a scheduled increase -from 25 percent to 30 percent - in USA tariffs on $250bn worth of Chinese goods.

Mr. Kudlow's remarks come days before top US officials will welcome a senior Chinese delegation for another round of trade talks.

The Institute for Supply Management said last week USA manufacturing activity fell to its lowest level in a decade in September while the services sector grew at its slowest pace in more than three years.

White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Monday pledged that there would be no connection between President Donald Trump's request that China investigate the Bidens and this week's renewed trade deal talks between the two global superpowers.

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USA and China have been locked in a tit-for-tat trade war for more than a year, with each side raising tariffs on the other's goods.

The two sides have been at loggerheads over U.S. demands that China improve protections of USA intellectual property, end cybertheft and the forced transfer of technology to Chinese firms, curb industrial subsidies and increase United States companies' access to largely-closed Chinese markets.

"Recently some of the statements coming out of Beijing have been a little more positive. I guarantee there will be no linkage", Kudlow also offered. Navarro told National Public Radio that Trump wants a big deal with China or no deal at all. When speaking to reporters on the White House lawn last Thursday, Trump again urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate unsubstantiated allegations of corruption by former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, and also stated unprompted that he wanted China to launch its own investigation.

Another complicating factor is US support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

US President Donald Trump stated Friday there was a "quite very good opportunity" the two sides will strike a deal.