Google marks spring equinox with a doodle

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Spring equinox which is what that is occurring in our part of the world at 5:58 pm today notes when the Northern Hemisphere of the planet is slowly moving toward the Sun which leads to longer periods of sunlight during the upcoming days. There was a lunar eclipse in January and the largest supermoon of the year was in February.

For the first time since 1905, the appearance of a "super worm moon" coincided with the spring equinox, on Thursday (March 21) evening. The long wait drags on and ushering the Equinox -a period characterized by warm weather and dramatic lengths of days and nights. For the winter solstice, Earth is tilted away from the sun, which results in less hours of daylight and therefore, cooler weather. The word "Equinox" is derived from Latin which means "equal" and "night". Technically, the first day of spring starts in the evening. Therefore, twice a year, there will be a day that has exactly (or nearly exactly) a 12 hour day and night. This happens twice consistently, around March 20 and September 23.

Another reason why the equinoxes don't bring equal amounts of day and night time is due to the refraction of light.

At equinox, the measurement is taken from when the centre of the sun is at the horizon and is 12 hours sunrise to sunset and vice versa. Its actually an 8-minute difference. Essentially, it's the biannual event when the sun is directly over the equator.

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It states: "The Equator, at 0° latitude, receives a maximum intensity of the sun's rays all year".

Happy spring, happy equinox and a very happy Holi! It says that the sun gets aligned directly behind satellites in geostationary orbit along the Equator.

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