Disastrous Amazon rainforest fire can be seen from space

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Basically, the lungs of our planet are in serious danger.

"The fires are the outcome of a policy of environmental devastation, of support for agribusiness, of increasing pastures", Camila Veiga of the Brazilian Association of NGOs told AFP.

Bolsonaro fired the director of INPE following the publication of the statistics, saying they were inaccurate and smearing Brazil's reputation overseas.

Meanwhile, Norway and Germany have halted tens of millions of dollars of Amazon protection subsidies to the Amazon Fund, accusing Brazil of turning its back on the fight against deforestation, according to Aljazeera.

"Now that the city of São Paulo, thousands of kilometers away from the Amazon, has been shrouded in darkness from the resulting smoke plume, the President has tried to smear NGOs with the slander that they started the fires".

"Our house is burning".

The rainforest - which produces 20 percent of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere and slows down global warming - is burning "at the highest rate since the country's space research center ... began tracking [the fires] in 2013", CNN reports. "There is an acknowledgment that we are in a situation of crisis and emergency", said Manuel Pulgar Vidal, former environment minister of Peru, who attended the event. "The Amazon must be protected".

Camila Veiga of the Brazilian Association of NGOs told AFP that "the fires are the outcome of a policy of environmental devastation, of support for agribusiness, of increasing pastures". Prosecutors said they plan to probe possible negligence by the national government in the enforcement of environmental codes.

"The Amazon is on fire", she wrote. He did not provide any evidence.

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"Look, there's a governor, I don't want to name it, who is colluding with what's going on and blame it on the federal government", Bolsonaro said. But he said that for the time being, Brazil would stay in the pact.

"I am 31 years old and I think about the future generation, our children and grandchildren, because today we have land that has been preserved, but in 10 or 15 years we will not be able to live the way we live now", Marcelo Parintintin, a professor within the tribe, said.

The WWF conservation group also challenged Bolsonaro's allegations about NGOs, saying they divert "the focus of attention from what really matters: the well-being of nature and the people of the Amazon".

In July, Greenpeace called Bolsonaro and his government a "threat to the climate equilibrium" and warned that in the long run, his policies would bear a "heavy cost" for the Brazilian economy.

Bolsonaro, a longtime skeptic of environmental concerns, wants to develop the Amazon, and has told other countries anxious about rising deforestation since he took office to mind their own business.

The Amazon will be saved by Brazil and not "the empty, hysterical and misleading rhetoric of the mainstream media, transnational bureaucrats and NGOs", Martins said.

This destruction is massive and people have started praying to save the environment.

In any case, we are not here to argue about climate change but to note one amusing fact that happened around South America's fires.