Nations Warn Citizens About Traveling to the US

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The four-page document, titled "The Inconvenient Truth", was published on the online message board 8chan about 20 minutes before the shooting.

A hospital official says another victim of the weekend mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, has died.

Just hours later, in the early morning Sunday, another man started shooting people outside a crowded bar in Dayton, Ohio, killing nine before being killed by police.

Chief Allen also released additional information about the shooting, although he said there are many details he couldn't yet disclose.

This weekend's two attacks came less than a week after a 19-year-old gunman killed three people and injured 13 others at the popular Gilroy Garlic Festival in California before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Sources identified the suspect as Patrick Crusius, of Allen, Texas.

The Times also reports that foreign countries have issued warnings in the past noting the presence of mass shootings in the USA, including France, New Zealand and Germany.

This story is breaking and will be updated. Many residents said they believe the warnings are unfair.

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Speaking at the White House on Monday, President Donald Trump condemned the two attacks in which 30 people were killed and dozens of others were wounded.

Authorities were investigating the possibility the shooting was a hate crime because of a racist, anti-immigrant screed posted online shortly before the shooting.

"We consider this an act of terrorism against the Mexican-American community and the Mexicans living in the United States", Mexico's Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said in a video statement.

In some cases, such alerts have been politically motivated responses to the United States declaring other countries risky, but a growing number of countries have taken America's prevalence of mass gun violence as a serious threat to their citizens. A 21-year-old white male has been arrested.

"The Foreign Ministry warns compatriots traveling to the United States to take precautions against the rise in indiscriminate violence, mostly due to hate crime, including racism and discrimination", the ministry said in the travel alert, which was issued on Monday.

Since 2006, 11 mass shootings - not including Saturday's - have been committed by men who were 21 or younger. In the manifesto, the Texas killer declared that his actions were a form of protecting his country from a foreign "invasion" which he claimed was damaging the culture and economy of the US.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Saturday's rampage appeared to be a hate crime and federal prosecutors called it domestic terrorism.