US warship sails through Taiwan Strait amid China tensions

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A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman in Beijing said China had "expressed deep concerns to the US side" over its latest action in the strait separating China from Taiwan.

While Washington broke off diplomatic ties with the 1911 Republic of China on Taiwan, recognizing the Beijing government instead, the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) provides for continued cultural and economic ties, as well as military assistance for self-defense purposes, subject to approval from the President and Congress.

China has been ramping up pressure to assert its sovereignty over Taiwan, which it considers a wayward province of "one China" and sacred Chinese territory. The Type 052D guided missile destroyer is China's latest battleship.

China's new Defence White Paper has outlined a requirement for the accelerated development of indigenous military technologies in order to keep pace with some of the world's leading armed forces.

Earlier this month, the USA tentatively approved the sale of $2.2 billion in arms to Taiwan - a proposal that had prompted China to threaten sanctions against the U.S.

China said it would order sanctions on USA companies involved in any such deals.

China's armed forces have provided a number of public security goods to the worldwide community to the best of their capacity, including the United Nations peacekeeping operations, vessel protection operations, global efforts in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

The white paper, published by China's State Council Information Office, referred to USA passage through waters claimed by China as "wrong practices and provocative activities".

The document seemed to downplay the notion that China is eager to actually use military force in the sea disputes.

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Committed to the principle of win-win cooperation, China's armed forces will fulfill their worldwide responsibilities and obligations, it said.

"The provocation of the [Chinese Communist Party] not only impacts cross-strait peace, but also seriously violates the principles of peace in global law and worldwide relations, and challenges the regional security order, causing anxiety and anxiety in neighboring countries", it said.

"In an attempt to circumvent the post-war mechanism, Japan has adjusted its military and security policies and increased input accordingly, thus becoming more outward-looking in its military endeavors", the white paper said.

The US deployment of a missile defence system in South Korea has severely undermined the regional strategic balance, the report said.

The white paper also pointed to US, Japanese and Australian moves to beef up their military presence and alliances in the Asia-Pacific as bringing uncertainties to the region.

"They are going further and further down the road of separation".

China's paramilitary police have helped Xinjiang authorities "take out 1,588 violent terrorist gangs and capture 12,995 terrorists", the report said.

China also denounced the United States' decision to sell arms to the government of the island. But the exiled Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader maintains that he only wants a greater degree of autonomy for the region.